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There are thousands of templates that are free to use, but to give you some ideas in one spot, we listed a few below.

The templates below might be for a company, a restaurant, a realtor, etc. But remember, the content can be changed, to anything, the pictures and even colors can be changed. We are sharing these templates with you, to help you choose a layout for your website, maybe some animation and also examples of how to navigate your content.

Note: If you click to view a template you will need to use your web browser's back button to get back to this page.

Below are Templates 1-22. Templates 23-45 are on Page 2!

>>>> Template 1 CLICK HERE <<<<

This template shows the use of gradients and fading colors to control the color of your website. The example is a pink to purple fading color, this is complete customizable and can be a solid color or any combination of 2 colors.

>>>> Template 2 CLICK HERE <<<<

Shows different picture layouts if you click portfolio or single. Also shows a nice drop down for your navigation bar if you have a large website with a lot of pages.

>>>> Template 3 CLICK HERE <<<<

Website background uses a video and is constantly moving.

>>>> Template 4 CLICK HERE <<<<

This template has the navigation on the left side and pages animate in from the side. It always fits your display.

>>>> Template 5 CLICK HERE <<<<

A straight-forward, simple design with a clean layout. Links are for display only, they do not point anywhere.

>>>> Template 6 CLICK HERE <<<<

Done up as a real-estate website, it's a very well laid out, beautiful design.

>>>> Template 7 CLICK HERE <<<<

Another great starter layout for a medium sized website.

>>>> Template 8 CLICK HERE <<<<

Shown as a restaurant, this template offers a nice way to have different sections stand out.

>>>> Template 9 CLICK HERE <<<<

A good starter layout for a website.

>>>> Template 10 CLICK HERE <<<<

Shows off many ways to organize your content with nice animation and interactions.

>>>> Template 11 CLICK HERE <<<<

Using the top navigation links Pages and DropDown, this template shows off a bunch of layouts for pages and drop downs.

>>>> Template 12 CLICK HERE <<<<

Navigation down the left side.

>>>> Template 13 CLICK HERE <<<<

Another restaurant example but a great layout.

>>>> Template 14 CLICK HERE <<<<

In this demo the Course section has neat animation on the photos.

>>>> Template 15 CLICK HERE <<<<

Pretty easy to navigate site, shows more menu options including a mega menu if you have a lot of webpages.

>>>> Template 16 CLICK HERE <<<<

We are sharing this template with you because it shows a neat timeline that could be used on your website.

>>>> Template 17 CLICK HERE <<<<

This template has a very animation heavy slideshow with a ton of effects.

>>>> Template 18 CLICK HERE <<<<

The animation on their photo gallery, which is their 'works' follows the movement of your mouse and changes with each direction you hover over the next image.

>>>> Template 19 CLICK HERE <<<<

A very simple design and clean.

>>>> Template 20 CLICK HERE <<<<

Clean design, but shows off rapid scrolling. Press or hold your down arrow to see how fast it scrolls.

>>>> Template 21 CLICK HERE <<<<

Shows animation on just about every single item on the website. Great layout, this is the dark version.

>>>> Template 22 CLICK HERE <<<<

Shows animation on just about every single item on the website. Great layout, this is the light version.

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