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Whether you already have a website, or we are currently managing one for you, you might be a business with customers. Sometimes those customers raise questions:

(Automotive Repair) How long has it been since you changed my front brakes?

(Home Construction) How many years are left on the warranty on my shingles? How much did I pay for you to install my front door?

(Plumber) How much was my sump pump?

(Electrician) Where is my GFCI reset button?

Why not define a certain easy-to-access area for your customers to log into, connected to your current or new website, and transform the website you created to show a few pictures to potential clients, and give them access to the history they shared with you?

This is what we are trying to accomplish. No need to go out and buy extra software, our web solutions work with your current website. Is it proprietary? No, we place all the necessary files with your current website, however it would be best to host your website with our webhost which has the ability to be database-driven with nightly backups so your data is always safe. That's pretty easy and might save you money.

Sounds complicated? It isn't. If you look at the upper-right corner of this webpage, that is all we add to your website. Register, and Login. When you secure a new customer, point them to your website, where you might be advertising other services, your customers see your ads and view your photos when they register for an account with you, and when they come back and log in. This is an unsolicited engagement with your customer, who may visit your website once and never return. But now they are returning, they are returning to see their service history with you, maybe show them a coupon code for a future visit when they log into your new customer area. Maybe show a referral discount when they log out?

When you give your customers a 'customer portal' the possibilities are endless. You are giving them the convience of seeing all sorts of easy-to-access information, but it also opens the door of drawing more business by:

Giving them something to talk about to others

Gaining more time for your customers to browse your website

Possibility to target ads at them for some more services

Increasing foot-traffic

To see your customer's experience and how they will view your updates and access important files, click here.

To see your admin page, where you would upload contracts, warranty information, daily logs, and notes to keep your customers up to date, enter here.